a theory of mass insanity

these people ....

according to their public education for only vanity !
and their consequent .... power position >

a competing .... humanly hostile .... vanity procurement !

do nothing more ...... only
end of all intelligent life !

consequently this is a paradise for psychopaths and idiots
because of no human can exist here .....

since he will be destroyed !
worn out over decades .... unsettled .... starving ....

because he is not allowed to participate in this criminal culture ....
most of all .... will not want to !

since this whole offer is only interesing for delusionals .....
and of course the mentally handicapped billions ....

counsil galactic central

the mass delusion
a criminal procurement illusion!

the same as the real drug addict
for the procurement for his real drug >

for its virtual drug > the illusion will do everything >
to> procure these ..... his illusion!

there by this whole world > is garanteeing no humane > presence
let alone having < a guarantee on a secure future!

> only the delusion illusion has his perfect paradise <

because of no man to want anything>
not even minimal right to be living > having an existence !

he will be made ready > to be eliminated

with endless> senseless government forced labor
and party propaganda for that> their masses delusion

since the homo sapiens .... the only danger
constituted for this mass delusion !

where the madness > races in circles around
in order to win > the world champion in racing around in circles !

because of someone else for 3 days jetting >
to a poker tournier in las vegas !

there while the resouces are squandered .... the climate tipped >
people destroyed> to procure illusions!

having a real project no chance .....

galactic design

homo sapiens

an idiot competition > not only totally with out any inteligence
not just any wisdom it all > not even debatable >

consequently ..... for discussions not even capable of !
and so beastly conceited > not even willing > to learn any thing

only addicted to being a
disaster !

a world renowned plague > pathogen collectors >
like a jewel caring about them !

this is clear from any female with a huge
rat walking around > at once!

and of any decent .... meaningful life > ignored > offended > destroyed!


millions of competing idiot egoismen >
unite > then they arise as a mass of delusion !
vanity .... insanity .... catastrophies .....

they denying > any and all > realities
and are creating
standards of their very own ..... !

there by not even being able to have any discussion .....
because the
members of this mass of insanity can not even >
obviously ..... not read and write >

but instead > all these millions > then violently forcing all humans >
onto their standards and goals based  on ..... irrealities >
irresponsibilities > and human rights violations >

in their
sovereign violent area > they are calling democracies !
to this insanity or perish >>>

being violently .....
as well brought into line!

and no help being in sight > since
only idiot egoism are holding any power ......

are being accepted as authorities !


the theory of the mass illusion .... thus assumes >

that the individual>

may act .....
only within the
hierarchy of the imagination procurement

since a real change in the reality>

for example ... to  establish an intelligent life on this world
would delete this hierarchy at ones > from this whole planet !

quality of this insane mass is therefore >
that they be sooo stupid > that they are not capable
to even notice this fact !
or not even caring to be such a shame .....

consequently this billions of this delusional mass>
will destroy all real improvements>
be before they ever have a chance .....

like any other dictator too  !

counsil galactic central